Toacca Rutherford

Managing Director @ JP Morgan Chase

About me

Toacca Rutherford is a dynamic Transformation Leader defining,
shaping, and driving the framework for Chase to become a
customer obsessed, lean and nimble institution. Toacca works with
executives, leaders, and teams to reimagine business and customer
experiences, strategize and implement agile ways of working for
product development to improve clock speed and increase

Prior to this, Toacca was the Chief Development Officer for
Consumer, Business Banking, and Auto Finance Technology to
modernize product development for global teams. Toacca has also
led development teams as the Global Head of General Ledger
Technology and Corporate and Investment Bank’s Finance
Technology. Toacca was recruited into Technology through
JPMorgan’s training program to start her career as a Database
Administrator and Developer.

Toacca is passionate about giving back in the firm and her
community. She is committed to recruiting and retaining high
performing talent, mentoring and coaching. Toacca creates and
advocates for pathways that can elevate underrepresented groups
in STEM fields to address the increasing talent and skills gap. This
has been a cornerstone of her firm-wide and community impact.